Digital Marketing Opportunities – 2018 Forecast

Digital Marketing Opportunities – 2018 Forecast

Posted on July 24, 2018

The beginning of the year always brings great optimism for all professionals. There’s something about a change in the date that encourages people to take that next step in their careers, which leads to several vacancies. It’s also the time of year when budgets are renewed, new head counts are (finally) approved and with all the hires the company culture inevitably changes. As a recruiter so many people ask us before and after New Year’s what the job market looks like; it’s not something I believe can be answered until at least February. Over the holidays we can express the level of excitement and anticipate the hot jobs from our clients but what actually comes to fruition is usually very different.

Looking Back

In the last few years we’ve seen a trend where employers looked for the hybrid employee – one who felt comfortable developing strategy and hands-on execution – as a way to test out new marketing responsibilities whilst still keeping head count costs down. Post recession employees jumped at opportunities they perceived to have stability, even if it meant being overworked and lowering their salary expectations.

But of course, this equation doesn’t work.

Looking Forward

This year we see the return of the niche roles. We see marketing groups breaking down their strategy, choosing to prioritize one piece of the puzzle until they get it right. It means the other pieces, possibly lead gen efforts, a social media presence, or email campaigns, get put on hold. The pieces that do remain are tested over and over again and have a real opportunity to shine. It also means hiring a specialist, one with a successful track record of impacting the bottom line, and likely with in-depth vertical experience. Marketing teams now understand that if they are to be successful (and in turn add more team members later) they need to ‘show their worth’.

Skills in great demand: analytics (specifically those coming from a marketing group with insights experience); art direction (adding video to your mix); business development (client services plus strategy an added bonus); search marketing (really excelling in either organic or paid but not both); industry experience with start-ups (especially in cyrptocurrency or AI).

This year the job market looks promising. Organizations are once again prepared to invest in their marketing efforts. The economic uncertainty and political climate doesn’t seem to be going away and we’re finding employers have adopted a “it’ll be what it’ll be” mentality, deciding to push forward anyways.

How You (the candidate) Can Win Your Next Opportunity

We now see several ‘generalist’ or ‘360’ marketers looking for employment, finding themselves frustrated that they aren’t securing interviews. Yes, having a strong understanding of the entire process is of great value to employers but not until you’re within the organization. For each opportunity you pursue, you’ll want to highlight the specific skill set asked for in the job description. This is why many candidates have several versions of their resume. It’s tough to articulate everything you’ve done in just a couple pages. Sometimes less is more.

And what to do with your digital footprint, or more specifically, your LinkedIn profile? If you’re applying to numerous opportunities for which you have experience in, it’s best to keep your profile generic. Never change your official title on LinkedIn but do include a few highlights that will cover all your bases. Again, don’t overwhelm the reader and list everything.

Jennifer van Amerom, Founder & CEO

photo credit: Aaron Burden

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