Happy #CanadaDay and #IndependenceDay

Happy #CanadaDay and #IndependenceDay

Posted on July 24, 2018

As we celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day we are filled with such pride that we get to work and live in North America. We applaud all those in our great nations that believe in harmonious countries, even when we have vastly different views sometimes. This holiday lets embrace our differences like the strengths they should be.

Why Immigrants Add Value

We’ve heard how difficult it is for immigrants to find employment, especially when they realize their global work experience isn’t weighted at the same value to a local counterpart. We thank our candidates for sharing those initial hardships with us and we’re so proud of your perseverance as you further your careers. It’s that drive and passion that employers and peers should celebrate this holiday. That hard work and dedication inspire all those around including our next generations.

Why We Celebrate Diversity

As we are just tapping into the skills of global talent, it is equally exciting to see under represented groups – like women, the disabled, our veterans, ethnic and visible minorities, and even our millennial and senior workforce – finally find their collective group and shout out that they will contribute in a positive way.

Loyalty To Each Other

We’ve evaluated that the average career movement is approximately 2.4 years now. Employees feel they won’t see internal promotions fast enough or at all, and employers are now hesitant to invest in their staff with on the job training, concerned that their employees will take their new skills to the competition. But what diverse groups now bring to the mix is loyalty and commitment again. There is gratitude and trust shared in the employee/employer relationship and a sense of ‘better together’. It’s why employers now value longevity in each position and why candidates look for long-term fit.

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