Welcome to Refine Recruitment!

Welcome to Refine Recruitment!

Posted on October 9, 2017

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for being part of our ‘tribe’.

Over the last 4 years I co-founded a recruitment firm, where we had the opportunity to represent such talented digital marketing and creative professionals to some of the best start-ups, not for profits, and large enterprise organizations. Building on this success and to reflect the change in leadership I am thrilled to announce the rebrand of our global firm. Culture & Company has now changed its name to Refine Recruitment Inc.

There are numerous things wrong with the recruitment industry, which is why we want to address the problems and provide the solutions.

Recruiters Need To Know Their Space

In digital marketing and creative the landscape is constantly changing. In just a few years terms like ‘big data’, ‘programmatic’, and ‘real-time bidding’ have become mainstream. Organizations have built internal recruitment teams but often rely on external vendors to have specialized expertise and a pulse on where to find top talent. Recruiters who have previously worked in the industry not only understand terminology but have executed on strategy and know what to look for when vetting candidates. We’re thrilled to announce our new VP, Recruitment Services, who has joined our team; to learn more about Patricia Whitney click here.

The Pricing Model Is Broken

In an economy where we constantly feel the pinch and are asked to work with smaller budgets every year it seems astonishing that recruitment firms continue to charge outdated rates and fee structures just because that’s the industry norm. That doesn’t sound like a partnership to me. If recruitment rates have flexibility (allowing even the start-up organization to hire) then more opportunities are offered to candidates. And when there are more opportunities then the best candidates refer other great individuals; that offers the client a real snapshot of the candidate marketplace for their roles.

Recruitment EcosystemRecruitment firms should also operate as a consulting firm. Organizations bring in service providers for implementations, system reviews, and upgrades – it only makes sense to bring in a provider for your greatest asset, people, especially in times of immediate growth and specialized hiring needs. Embedding a recruitment consulting firm allows direct access to hiring managers, and reduces third-party recruitment fees.

Diversity and Inclusion

A true global market snapshot of the best candidates will by default address diversity and inclusion. It shouldn’t matter what gender you are, your sexual orientation, or disqualify you because of a disability. There is a long list of groups that seek diversity and inclusion so as a recruitment firm we should only focus on two parameters: Is this individual qualified for the role, and, will this individual positively impact the company culture?

There’s been a lot of talk over the years around workforce mobility – and then back to the merits of employees in office for company culture development – only to return when top talent demanded remote work conditions. There are advantages to both models and it isn’t up to the recruitment firm to pick a side. Our role is to broker how top candidates might consider a move, often negotiating these terms. Where we should partner with our clients is representing the top talent regardless of where they are based.Sure, it makes sense to start headhunting for candidates in the local market of choice but as more roles become niche focused there is a responsibility on recruiters to represent the best candidates, many who are available to work remote or would consider relocation. We continue to champion diversity and inclusion, maintaining our WEConnect diverse supplier certification.

Believe In The Candidates We Represent

And here’s where recruitment firms should offer the greatest value, and become true partners with the clients they serve – our services are needed in identifying top talent and matching them to the opportunity available. We shouldn’t be sharing numerous resumes and asking the same questions. Recruitment firms need to take more responsibility, put their necks on the line more, for candidates they really believe in. Past performance is only one indication of future performance. Seeking a candidate with the same industry experience has value but isn’t always innovative. Hiring an individual into a lateral move with only a financial incentive might not lead to employee longevity. We should identify the candidate’s skills, motivation, and our recommendation if they can fulfill the job requirements; and that’s not always the most obvious choice.

-Jennifer van Amerom, Founder & CEO, Refine Recruitment Inc.

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